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Preparation for a Corporate Headshot

For most companies, a corporate headshot is a requirement for employees and executives. These photos are important as they are used on the company’s website, promotional material and on business cards. It means your photo is going to be seen by lots of people. To make your corporate photo look awesome, I summarized some basic tips that you need to follow. The first thing to do is schedule your photo session time. The best time to take your photos would be in the afternoon, just after your lunch. This is because people rarely look their best during the morning hours. A corporate headshot session can be a stressful experience for some people. To avoid such stress, make sure to book your session when everyone has taken enough time to eat, relax and get ready for the photo session.

Taking a professional corporate headshot requires enough time allocation. One of the mistakes people make is to schedule less time per person. It is much better to schedule enough time per individual or group so that the photographer can get to have the capacity to focus and take a classic headshot. If the employees are being rushed, the photographer will also feel rushed, and there is going to be a particular facial expression on the photos taken. Most people take a while before they can relax and look natural in front of the camera. It is therefore important to schedule enough time for that to happen. Keep in mind that these photos are a representation of your company and so it is important that everyone looks happy.

Make sure to prepare your whole office in advance for the photo session. You can do this by determining the best spacious room available for the session. The employees should make sure that the clothes are fit and not too tight for them. To determine the best wear, your office can coordinate with any accessories shop and get a better opinion on what to wear. A simple black suit with light stripes works best in any case. There is no need to wear large jewelry, scarves and so on. Also, avoid wearing short sleeves anything loud if you need an official look. Think simple and classic when designing the outfit for the session. Preparation also entails shaving for guys and a little makeup for the ladies. Guys with heavy beards can get a shave to look neat and presentable. For ladies, the makeup should be light and not too heavy during the session. You probably ought to have a conversation with your photographer in advance to discuss and organize the session. Being organized is key. Make sure to coordinate your employees to be present at the office and on time. Give each of them fifteen minutes for the session.

Ensure your photographer clearly understands what you want to end up with. For instance, make him understand whether you want your photos cropped, the resolution you need and the background requirements. It is crucial to determine whether the photographer has a studio and the charge estimates before signing a contract. These are some of the preparation prior to undertaking a corporate headshot.

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